Lena Hunt





Lena Hunt PR services include:

Traditional marketing and Internet website marketing

SEO copywriting, article and blog writing

Google Placement, Google Places, and Google Local

Customized marketing campaign

Book writing, editing, and book publishing and printing services

online reputation monitoring

Social media management, social network management, business networking using social media

Photography, photo editing, photo shoots, and photojournalism

Custom video creation

Promoting live events and conferences and on location promotion

Full content, article, blog, and press release writing services

Custom website design and WordPress website design

Logo design and graphic art design

Event production and promotion

Lena Hunt PR services will  help you:

  • Stand out above the competition
  • Know how to attract your ideal customer Make your marketing dollars show a significant return on investment Understand the different ways to differentiate
  • Have a story that is compelling to potential investors
  • Help you feel excited every day with a clear and focused vision
  • Have a good understanding of how to create a brand that stands out
  • Have a clear vision for your business that you have put in writing
  • Have a written description of your ideal client or customer
  • Have a list of secondary audiences that you market to regularly
  • Have a strong brand that stands out from your competition
  • Know what your customers’ biggest challenge is right now

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 June 4th, 2009