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Daniel Stoica, Accounting Professional, endorses the work of Lena Hunt, Celebritize You, “Lena Hunt the founder and President of Celebritize You improved my digital presence by employing her passion for images and the written word to start the process of maximizing the impact of my digital presence. Lena’s extensive knowledge and experience coupled with her talents, skills and abilities in the area of Marketing, Writing and Photography have had an immediate impact on my digital presence. This resulted in increased traffic to my website and networking profiles receiving positive feedback from all who see the transformation. I have hired Celebritize You for ongoing maximizing of the impact of my digital presence and highly recommend Lena Hunt as a consummate professional that delivers quality results in a timely and reasonably priced manner.”

Kriss Hammond, Jetsetters Magazine and Jetsetters Blog, states, “Everyone who meets Lena likes working with her. She always writes her features in a witty and informative manner. There seems to be no task too small for Lena. Her exuberance is superb in all manners when dealing with clientele, the travel trade, and friends. She is a professional in all aspets of her demeanor.” Owner of Private Jets VIP Mr. Martin Hazan highly recommends, “Lena is a dynamic individual with a skill set in diverse areas of expertise. Lena brings a strong work ethic and a genuine desire to succeed in any endeavor that she does. As a photojournalist, a writer, a marketing specialist, etc…she exceeds all expectations. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a quality individual and someone who will go above and beyond the call of duty.”

Ashley Pinder Communications Strategist at Curley & Pynn Public Relations and Marketing and responsible for the marketing and public relations for Nickelodeon said, “It is people like Lena that make doing media relations for a family-oriented hotel one of the best parts of my job. She is accessible, accountable, talented and certainly delivered on her promise of professionalism. Not to mention the pictures she took of her trip to the hotel were great!”

Fred McMurray, owner of Mandatek states, “Lena is top notch! She possesses not only a passion for excellence but a willing to roll up her sleeves and do what is necessary to get the job done. She is smart, energetic, and a strong communicator. She has the ability to be successful in a wide range of work environments and is able to work effectively with a wide range of professionals. She treats all individuals with great respect and is always willing to lend a helpful hand. (Her top qualities are) great results, expert, and creative.

Turismo Cuatro Magazine highly endorses the writings and photography of Lena Hunt and her marketing for Private Jets VIP. Please visit this international luxury travel magazine for top notch travel experiences in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Mexico. Owner of Turismo Cutro, Jorge Jouvhomme proudly promotes Private Jets VIP with their beautiful ad.

Executive & Corporate Chef Gianfranco Chiarini “Lena is not only a wonderful woman but more importantly, (she) is a highly committed and strong-hearted professional in everything she does (with) great creativity, passion, & knowledge for every little thing she commits to… non precedent integrity as an individual, great mother, and priceless friend. I don’t think that many more words can still fulfill the great capacities as human and as a professional. All of the above is an understatement to the values she possesses.” May 21, 2009.

Chef Gianfranco, Europe, Middle East and Africa Development Culinary Leader forNational Starch Food Innovation worked under Masters like Gianfranco Vissaniand Igles Corelli. Later in Germany he worked in Michelin restaurants such as Il Cuneo, Ristorante Roma, In Italy for La Pergola & Antichi Sapori.



Vicki Webb of Ron Jon Surf School– I have known Lena for quite a few years now. She is one of the most unequivocal upbeat people I know. Always a smile and full ideas. She has been very helpful in marketing our surf school and products. Always glad to see her. She is A Number One in our book here at the Ron Jon Surf School.

Kimberly and Chris Cauler, Parents and Manager of Actors Nick and Alex Cauler – We are more than pleased to write about

the amazing LENA HUNT of Lena Hunt PR and Celebritize You. We had the pleasure of meeting her for a photo shoot for my sons, actors Nick and Alex Cauler. She is not only beautiful, but was so extremely nice to our sons as well as our family. She took the most amazing pictures of them and continues to promote their careers. She is their biggest fan as we are of her. We just love her and recommend her to other professionals in the industry as well. Thank you so much, Lena.

Ahmed Mahmoud, Founder, RevenueYourHotel.com states, “In the short time I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lena , she has been an invaluable source of information and truly fantastic. She has great ability to move projects forward when others fall short; consultative and informative in her process. Passionate in the products she represents while still maintaining a very honest and knowledgeable approach.” May 26, 2009.

John and Claire and little Zoe, Owners of Diamond John’s Resort near Diamond State Park in Arkansas, state “Lena – Words cannot express our gratitude for your wonderful review….we all cried after reading it…..and don’t forget to come visit once things are more settled on your end….again thank you for your uplifting words that mean so much to us at this point in time…we were just hit by two hurricanes and lost a teepee…but all is well and God will always seen us through even our toughest times….”

Shirley Strawn-Wagner comments, “Lena. Great job. I am almost speechless and so honored. You did a perfect and beautiful heart warming story and nailed everything. No one could of captured my thoughts and feelings and expressed it in such a wonderful manner. Let me know if there is anything else you are curious about. Keep in touch. Once again thanks for the best writing of all.”

Vanessa Kanegai, Wagstaff Worldwide Inc, sends, “Thanks so much Lena ! (The article) is amazing and sounds like you really enjoyed your time and dinner at Arterra! Please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions. We are now working with Kimpton Hotels, who own over 38 lifestyle boutique hotels nationwide and recently announced the launch of their brand campaign. I can tell you more about it when you return. Have a fabulous time in the Caribbean. Best.”

“Lena, you must be on another one of your exotic fun-filled trips. Someone ran across your story by accident and notified us that it was posted. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! Great story. Good work. Have fun!” exclaims Bob, owner of Beach Limo.

Evan Trubee, Owner, Big Wheel Tours, beams, “Hello Lena – I just returned to the desert and had a chance to read the article on Jetsettersmagazine.com. Wow!! Very complimentary! Thank you very much and come back anytime.”

“Hi Lena — Again, I want to extend our gratitude for your dining in & featuring our restaurants–people see the glamour in your career, but I am certain that far few people see or appreciate the work that goes into travel writing. Thanks for your past emails after your visit. Excellent suggestion regarding featuring descriptions & explanations with each piece of art & artifact—this will lend a certain elegance and distinction between our Chop House & the other restaurants. I am greatful for your willingness to help us craft the correct language & explanation—I will attempt to accomplish this internally but am greatful & find comfort that you are aslo available as a resource if needed—Thanks for your generosity of spirit! Again, thank you for your visits, the articles & features & the great recommendation!!! Best regards & wishes!” states Lee Morcus, owner, The Deck and Chop House.

Vali Cojocaru of Phase-6 attests, “Passion, enthusiasm and professionalism! This is Lena for me. She follows her vision and everything is reflected in actions. Very focused and determined on achieving her goals. Lena is a great partner and friend.”

Mr. Steve Fields of International Fixers states, “Miss Lena is one of the most professional network contacts I have ever had the pleasure to interact with. In a world of cyber space, where everyone is without soul, Miss stands out among her peers as a giant in her networks.”

“I have been abroad for a while and (Lena) has definitely been in that rare category of people who I have met and will never forget. She has extremely rare and admirable qualities that I truly respect and admire in a human being! She is a strong powerful woman; a go-getter who is an active person in every possible way…” Sagit Barnea, Certified Translator and owner of Barnea Translations.

Kelly Prieto, APR Vice President of Hayworth Creative Public Relations states that (Lena Hunt) and Jetsetters Magazine are a great way to get the word out to a variety of travel clients that we represent. They are professional and thorough and always provide a unique perspective for the reader.

Shelly Meyer, Author – “I want to take the time to recommend Lena Hunt PR to anyone who is looking for public relations and promotion for themselves and/or their business. Lena has helped many businesses and individuals get their names and faces recognized all over the country and the world. She has several well known clients whom she has helped with PR and promotions. She also works with those who are seeking to become “famous”, and assists them with getting their names in the public eye. I want to recommend Lena Hunt PR because, without Lena, I would not be living my dream of becoming a writer.




 June 1st, 2009