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Variety Studio – The Official Logo Designer and Graphic Artist

Variety Studio offers professional affordable logos

Variety Studio logo and graphics design

Lena Hunt PR is proud to announce Variety Studio as its Official Logo Designer and Graphic Artist. Variety Studio works closely with Lena Hunt PR to provide professional, attention-grabbing logos and graphic designs for the clients of Lena Hunt PR.

We know that our customers need great logos, graphic designs, and photo editing that will deliver their brand and yet is affordable. We understand that they want fast service without sacrificing quality. This is why we’ve chosen Kamila Petrasova of Variety Studio to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

Working side by side, as we develop your online presence, branding, website content, blogs, articles, and photographs, our collaboration with Variety Studio will insure that you get both the perfect look, design, and content that you need in order to effectively express who you are and what you do.

Outstanding logos and graphic designs at affordable prices can be accomplished through the collaboration of Lena Hunt PR and Variety Studio. We’re here to help you stand way above the competition and to reach your first and secondary market in order to gain conversion and income.

For more information and to get quotes, contact:



Skype: lena9875

Learn more about Variety Studio and view the works of Variety Studio and Lena Hunt PR, as featured in Sky’s Angels Magazine (UK based).

Lena Hunt PR and Celebritize You logo by logo designer Variety Studio

Variety Studio and Lena Hunt PR featured in Sky's Angels Magazine

Logo by Variety Studio is in Sky's Angels Magazine UK

Variety Studio designs and logos in Sky's Angels Magazine

 May 5th, 2011  
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Perfect Networker – A Way to Network Perfectly

Writer Shelly Meyer writes about Perfect Networker

Perfect Networker

Perfect Networker is an online community that connects business professionals all over the world. Currently, there are over 12,000 members and more people are joining every day. Business professionals can network with others in their field to gain valuable information in their line of work, thereby increasing their presence in their industry with feedback and referrals.

Everyone on Perfect Network supports and communicates with one another via forums, blogs, groups, and by setting up local events where offline relationships are created and long-term contacts are made.

I became a member of Perfect Networker earlier this month to help with my writing career and I have already made some great contacts in the writing, publishing, marketing, and public relations industries. There are forum posts on just about every topic in almost every business community, and you can join groups in networking, marketing and special interests.

There is a classified section with job postings, for sale items, housing and office space availability, and business opportunity listings. Included in this section are featured ads promoting marketing and assistance with many business needs from office supplies to “jobs wanted” to help with starting your own business. In the events section, you can search for workshops, seminars, networking conferences, and employment job fairs in your area by doing a specified search.

On the Perfect Networker site, you have the ability to invite your friends and colleagues to grow your, and their, networks and contacts. Within the blogs, you can read what other members are doing and what they have going on, all within a specific line of business. All it takes is doing a search for the type of information you want. There is something for everyone, in every industry, on Perfect Networker, including music, local and world business news, polls, and articles.

It is very easy to set up your own account on the Perfect Networker website. Go to PerfectNetworker and sign up with your email and password. The next step is to set up your profile with as much information as possible so others in your field can find you quickly and easily, and where you can search profiles of other members in your industry.

Again, their website is PerfectNetworker. Sign up and find your perfect network.

By Writer Shelly Meyer   shellymeyerauthor.webs.com

 March 31st, 2011  
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