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Cost Effective Marketing

There is only one YOU. Stand out above the rest and reach your target audience as well as those who are already looking for you and what you have to offer with affordable marketing, mobile marketing, writing services, social media management, and complete marketing campaigns unlike any other.

Lena Hunt PR services tells the world about you by using:

SMS mobile marketing, PR tactics, press releases, social media management, SEO website content, articles and blog writing, online marketing, YouTube video creation, website and logo creation, slideshows, blogs, social media marketing, search engine placements, local and global marketing and advertising, images, and the keywords for captions, descriptions, and ALT tags, events production and promotion, easy and affordable automated, integrated mobile marketing system which you and your staff can use for your own marketing campaign, and more.

With Lena Hunt PR services, you can affordably and professionally get the word out. We specialize in promoting you via mobile marketing, offering mobile marketing service/system,  online and on location promoting, and content writing.

Contact Lena for a free one hour consultation.

727.266.5191 or 754.484.0021
Skype: lena9875

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Who is Lena Hunt?

Lena Hunt

Lena Hunt PR and Media Services

With a strong passion for creativity and balance of mind, body and spirit, Lena Hunt is one of the most versatile business professionals in the world who can promote you and what you do. You and your business are comprised of many components and factors. It’s often difficult to tell the world about who you are, what you do and what you wish to accomplish. Yet through her own personal life and work experiences and education, she is able to perfectly help you achieve your goals.
With varying degrees and work experience in what most would call “contradicting industries”:

Fine Arts

Business Administration

Health and Wellness


This entreprenuer has the creativity and logic to make sure that your passion is your profession by promoting you in the most attention-grabbing, informative way. Her ability to use both hemispheres of the brain and see all sides is found in all that she does. Lena has what it takes to help you achieve balance in your business and personal life through:


Writing Services

Marketing Services

Social Media Management


Video Productions

Events Production

Fashion Industry Expertise

Alternative Medicine, Remedies and Nutrition

Health and Fitness Professional


Benefit from Lena Hunt’s ability to think and work creatively and logically. Allow Lena and her team to help you find your focus and balance and then to tell the world about YOU and what you do!


“Lena, you’re too logical to be an artist” stated peers during her studies of Fine Arts.

“You’re too artsy fartsy,” stated fellow students in her Business Administration courses.

“Lena, you’re the most balanced person I know.” state many clients, coworkers and colleagues.

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Client Feedback and Success Stories

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 Client Feedback  
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What can Lena Hunt do for me?

Who am I & what can I do for you?

I’m Lena Hunt and I offer 100% all natural, therapeutic (ingestible) essential oils at highest quality but lowest prices. There’s no expensive marketing, advertising and labeling to jack up the price. I’ve been in several MLM essential oils programs and those are a waste of time and money. I decided to blend my own to give you the best for…

Allow her to help you earn income doing what you love to do. Why wait until you’re retired, have more money, have more time, the kids move out, etc. to get rid of your J.O.B.? Don’t wait until you have no choice, be PROactive and not reactive. Allow her to help you reinvent yourself. Through a life of experiences, education and work history, Lena can help you find your passion, make it your profession, and tell the world about you and what you do.

I also provide affordable all-in-one website design, content writing, on-page SEO, SEO, images, social media marketing, content marketing, on page optimization. www.celebritizeyou.com celebritizeyou@gmail.com

You have 10 seconds to get others to act. They want to know “Who are you and what can you do for ME?”​ Is your profile complete, does your site and social media have new frequent useful content, posts, shares, likes and tweets? Is your Linkedin and other social media working for you? Do you show as an industry expert?

What benefits do you get?
You get BRANDING and the ability to give your target answers before they even ask, an interactive website with content and images to make it engaging so visitors will take action. You get content marketing, on first page of Google in hundreds of targeted niche keywords. Your social media will bring you traffic.

Marketing is KEY! You can have the best products/services but if no one knows you have nothing.

Benefits from my products & services:
100% natural therapeutic hand-blended essential oils
Content Marketing
Full Professional Writing Services
Website Design
SEO optimized writing
Social Media Marketing
Travel Correspondent
Health & Wellness Fitness
Alternative Health Remedies
Natural Health, Beauty and Fitness Consultation

I’m also USA Brand Ambassador Ajediam Diamonds Protect from fiat currency & economy crisis by investing top quality Antwerp diamonds. Our diamonds have increased value and ROI over 14% annually for past 50+ years www.ajediam.com


Contact Lena Hunt:

Email lenahunt@live.com




Find your passion, make it your profession and live the life of your dreams.

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The Vital Importance of Public Relations


Variety Studio is the official logo designer and graphic artist of Lena Hunt PR

Lena Hunt PR – complete PR services

Today’s formidable economy has made it vitally important for businesses to be ardent when it comes to marketing and advertising, but the cost for marketing and advertising can get pricey and the effects only last a short amount of time. Without constant advertisement, at a price, a business may be forgotten down the road. This is why it is especially important for all businesses, and individuals to take a serious look at public relations. It’s a less expensive alternative to traditional marketing and advertising. Not only that, the lasting affects of public relations is nearly life-long. Public relations is a constant spotlight on you and your business. Plus, you gain a much better reputation if you have a public relations expert on your side.

Nearly every business can spend the money to place an ad in a newspaper or magazine. For the time the advertisement is in print, your business may take a turn for the better, but once the ad has passed its prime, your profits may suffer. However, not many small businesses or entrepreneurs can afford the cost associated with weekly, or even monthly, advertising on a regular basis. Businesses that are well-informed about their branding and how important it is to have a good reputation with their target market know that public relations is the best route to take to make their business successful. With great public relations working on your business, not only will your gain valuable recognition in your community, but you will also get your name in front of consumers, the media and investors. And with the Internet exploding the way it has, and the fact that it continues to grow every day, your business will find markets all around the world, and that’s what your business needs to be successful.

Lena Hunt PR services promotes your sales, events, launches, products and services

Shout outs for your sales, events, products, & services

Competition for small businesses and entrepreneurs is fierce and new businesses are starting up nearly every day, especially in this rough economy. If a new business has more coverage, yours may be left in the dust. With strong and well-established public relations on your side, your customers and clients will be loyal to you because there is already a relationship there and trust has been built. It’s not likely they will run to check out the new guy on the block.

To get the best exposure from public relations, you must first understand exactly what a PR expert does and how their services will benefit your company for the long haul. You must, first, research as many public relation firms as possible. Generally, smaller PR firms with several years of experience are your best bet because they are low-cost and they are able to focus most of their time on your business. There becomes a strong working relationship due to that personal service. The other benefit of a smaller PR company is that they truly understand how small business works and how to make a name for them. They know who and where your competition is and will create a brilliant campaign to launch your business to success. Your business will become far more notable than your competitors and will reach customers beyond your local community. A professional PR firm will keep your name on a constant buzz with social media and SEO, as well as press releases and unique advertising in many media venues. They will create a fan base, so to speak, wherein customers will want to buy from you. Great PR firms build trust between businesses and their customers, which builds loyalty. Every business thrives and grows on customer loyalty. Their campaigns are constant. As long as your business needs PR, the company you have hired will continue to keep your name in front of the public.

Many people think that you have to be famous to utilize the services of a public relations expert. This just isn’t so. Famous people, and businesses, never would have become famous had it not been for the public relations they received when they were first starting out. You, and your business, need strong PR in order to become well known. That’s just how it works.

With thirteen years experience Lena Hunt promotes you with photos, content writing, social media, Google placement, online and on location marketing

Thirteen years experience, Lena Hunt helps you stand above competition.

Great public relations is essential for the survival and success of your business and your name. If there is no constant communication between you and the public, people tend to forget about you. And it’s not just communication, it’s effective communication that makes or breaks you. By having a professional working on that on your behalf, your chances of success sky-rocket. It’s imperative that you take advantage of great public relations. The success of your business depends on it.

Allow Lena Hunt PR to provide you with complete PR services online – and on location.

Contact Lena Hunt



Skype: lena9875


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Use free social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn for marketing


LinkedIn Business Networking Social Media



Allow Lena Hunt PR to be your Social Media Manager to handle your marketing and advertising needs using FREE networking sites. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, and more are free online marketing tools that are available to you. Yet who has the time to handle the ongoing active processes of social media marketing?  We have the time and the knowledge.

Lena Hunt of Lena Hunt PR and Celebritize You has the time to manage your social networking sites in a dynamic and active way which gets immediate results. Online marketing and social media sites allow for free advertising and interacting with your target audience and to network with people around the globe. We specialize in using social media to create the buzz, increase traffic, and gain conversions for your business, online business, and website.


YouTube is great for social networking and social media marketing


Use social networking sites and social media that are available to you free via the Internet in order to get publicity, marketing, communication, and direct and constant communication with visitors, target audience, clients and colleagues. Use social networking sites to network with professionals and people in all industries around the world or in your local area. Go global. Go social. Go affordable. Go social media with Lena Hunt, owner of Lena Hunt PR and Celebritize You.

Boasting a list of happy clients who use our services to handle all their social media accounts. For a list of referrals and clients, please contact Lena.

Get a free one hour consultation:

celebritizeyou@gmail.com  lena@celebritizeyou.com  info@lenahunt.com

Skype: lena9875

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Lena Hunt PR: Creating Websites That Get Attention

Lena Hunt PR offers help to improve your online presence, create the buzz, promote your business, and get your website noticed. Lena Hunt PR specializes in website design because your presence, branding, and digital image and presence begins with a website that gets attention in the most professional and effective manner.

Do you need an entirely new site? Do you need a redesign on your existing site? Do you want a WordPress website, one that is best for SEO? Is your site in need of preservation? Are you looking for custom website development? This is what Lena Hunt PR does, and she does it well.

Choosing Lena Hunt PR for all of your graphic website designing is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Her designs are creative and unique and they will get your customers’ attention.

She uses computer generated graphics on your website that include detailed programming and graphics that go above and beyond other websites. Lena Hunt PR can give your website the look and feel you want to make it stand out above other sites.

With the work Lena Hunt PR does on your website, you can be sure you will get the best service. Lena Hunt PR uses WordPress websites, which has thousands of designs to choose from. She will also place an RSS feed on your site that will link to any sites you wish, and your search engine optimization will explode because of Lena’s ability to expertly market your businesses online. Lena Hunt PR has the ability to create customized URLs for your site, and all site pages. Other companies don’t portray that willingness to go so far with creating a name for their clients.

First impressions count, and your website should reflect how hard you work on your business. Lena Hunt PR will give your business exceptional designs that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits your site. It’s almost guaranteed your visitors will become customers. A badly designed web site will hurt your business. It’s crucial that your site is easy to get around on and that everything is clear. That is where Lena Hunt PR comes in. She will create a site that will make visitors interested enough to not just visit, but to also purchase (gaining conversions).

She will show you the course she will take on deciding your web site needs. She focuses on marketing your site, search engine optimization, and setting up your site from beginning to end. She will work with you to choose just the right domain name and selecting a web host.

Lena Hunt PR is not just about promoting your business, which she will also do to help capitalize on your online presence; she is also about making your business stand out. Please click on the link to her site, www.lenahunt.com, and see all of the services she has to offer to help your business grow.

Contact Lena at info@lenahunt.com lena@celebritizeyou.com

Recommendation and Article by Shelly Meyer, Writer, Blogger, Talent Manager, and Talent Acquisition

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Variety Studio – The Official Logo Designer and Graphic Artist

Variety Studio offers professional affordable logos

Variety Studio logo and graphics design

Lena Hunt PR is proud to announce Variety Studio as its Official Logo Designer and Graphic Artist. Variety Studio works closely with Lena Hunt PR to provide professional, attention-grabbing logos and graphic designs for the clients of Lena Hunt PR.

We know that our customers need great logos, graphic designs, and photo editing that will deliver their brand and yet is affordable. We understand that they want fast service without sacrificing quality. This is why we’ve chosen Kamila Petrasova of Variety Studio to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

Working side by side, as we develop your online presence, branding, website content, blogs, articles, and photographs, our collaboration with Variety Studio will insure that you get both the perfect look, design, and content that you need in order to effectively express who you are and what you do.

Outstanding logos and graphic designs at affordable prices can be accomplished through the collaboration of Lena Hunt PR and Variety Studio. We’re here to help you stand way above the competition and to reach your first and secondary market in order to gain conversion and income.

For more information and to get quotes, contact:



Skype: lena9875

Learn more about Variety Studio and view the works of Variety Studio and Lena Hunt PR, as featured in Sky’s Angels Magazine (UK based).

Lena Hunt PR and Celebritize You logo by logo designer Variety Studio

Variety Studio and Lena Hunt PR featured in Sky's Angels Magazine

Logo by Variety Studio is in Sky's Angels Magazine UK

Variety Studio designs and logos in Sky's Angels Magazine

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Perfect Networker – A Way to Network Perfectly

Writer Shelly Meyer writes about Perfect Networker

Perfect Networker

Perfect Networker is an online community that connects business professionals all over the world. Currently, there are over 12,000 members and more people are joining every day. Business professionals can network with others in their field to gain valuable information in their line of work, thereby increasing their presence in their industry with feedback and referrals.

Everyone on Perfect Network supports and communicates with one another via forums, blogs, groups, and by setting up local events where offline relationships are created and long-term contacts are made.

I became a member of Perfect Networker earlier this month to help with my writing career and I have already made some great contacts in the writing, publishing, marketing, and public relations industries. There are forum posts on just about every topic in almost every business community, and you can join groups in networking, marketing and special interests.

There is a classified section with job postings, for sale items, housing and office space availability, and business opportunity listings. Included in this section are featured ads promoting marketing and assistance with many business needs from office supplies to “jobs wanted” to help with starting your own business. In the events section, you can search for workshops, seminars, networking conferences, and employment job fairs in your area by doing a specified search.

On the Perfect Networker site, you have the ability to invite your friends and colleagues to grow your, and their, networks and contacts. Within the blogs, you can read what other members are doing and what they have going on, all within a specific line of business. All it takes is doing a search for the type of information you want. There is something for everyone, in every industry, on Perfect Networker, including music, local and world business news, polls, and articles.

It is very easy to set up your own account on the Perfect Networker website. Go to PerfectNetworker and sign up with your email and password. The next step is to set up your profile with as much information as possible so others in your field can find you quickly and easily, and where you can search profiles of other members in your industry.

Again, their website is PerfectNetworker. Sign up and find your perfect network.

By Writer Shelly Meyer   shellymeyerauthor.webs.com

 March 31st, 2011  
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When it comes to shooting sunset photographs, timing is everything.

When it comes to catching that very special sunset moment on camera, timing is everything. Here are some tips for taking shots during those stunning times so that you can leave little room for, “Pictures just don’t do justice”:

Only a few rare times in life do you get that perfect sunset shot naturally without any effort whatsoever. In most cases, some planning and timing must be involved.

Planning is the key to everything.

Determine what time the sun will set and keep an eye on the weather too.

Allow enough time to get there and to set up your equipment.

Look for the best spot to set up, test your equipment, and prefocus.

Determine your subject and set your camera in the right mode. I.e., if you are shooting a moving subject such as a jobber, keep your camera on the continuous mode drive.

Isolate your subject by finding the biggest section in the frame and then isolating it there.

Allow some time after sunset as some of the best “action” and colors happen after the sun goes down.

 January 5th, 2011  
 Lena Hunt Photography  
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Lena Hunt’s Testimony as a Travel Correspondent and Photojournalist

DSC08082This may sound like a cliche but I think-no, I KNOW- that my entire life has been geared for the very moment that I became a published writer, author, and travel correspondent. From my love of writing and dreams of traveling back in my younger days on a small farm in the Midwest to my education in Business Administration, Fine Arts, and Sports Medicine, I am finally able to compile my entire life’s experiences into a life work that I absolutely LOVE!

This opportunity of a lifetime means more than traveling, writing, and photography. It’s about meeting people from various cultures, sharing what you know, and learning what they know. It’s about bridging the gap in the differences of this world. It’s about helping others and letting them help you.Not only have I been able to travel to dream locations but the connectivity that I have found are priceless! Rock climbing and sleeping on the desert floor of the surreal Joshua Tree National Park allowed me to overcome my fear of trusting others and giving up control as I depended on my belayer to get me down from heights I’d never imagine myself to climb. My greatest motivator was a senior citizen who was always the first one to try anything. I thought to myself as I watched her, if she could do it then I can do it. I would never have guessed that it was her first rock climbing experience also.Surfing in southern California the CORRECT way without getting bashed in the head and wiping out each time was quite an accomplishment. I’ve always dreamed of being a surfer girl. Never did I realize that my teenage dreams would come true long after my teen years were over and this was only made possible by learning from females and with females only. It was a much easier learning process. I’m realizing that it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams! Kayaking through the monstrous surf of San Diego was another amazing adventure! The crashing waves don’t seem so intimidating anymore. Suddenly, the fears I’ve faced as I deal with them head on aren’t so scary after all and having experienced locals teach you the ropes makes it even better.Watching the sparkle in my daughter’s eye as she sailed a boat for the first time and shared the sailor’s lingo with her private instructor was not only my wish come true but hers also!Hanging with celebrities in Palm Springs and having them share with me some of their fears and dreams as if I’m one of their old buddies from days gone by is beyond words.

Spending five weeks on my beloved Caribbean island (and eventually living there) was only possible through travel writing. Shedding the materialism and rat race stress of every day life, I was able to live as a true islander. To have no time restraints, laze under the shade of a coconut palm, and to focus only on the person and conversation at hand without my mind racing from one thing to the next. Complete and unindisturbed quality time and connectivity with another person. This is what living should be all about!

I have made friends from all corners of the world for a lifetime through my travels. From the dive instructor whose father was the teacher of Jacques Cousteau to the British Commander sent by the Queen on a diving expedition to Belize to world famous yoga masters, I could list them all and tell about each person and every experience but it would take more than a lifetime. I just know that what I have gained from being a photojournalist is worth more than all the riches in this world.

I started as a writer but now I am more than a writer. I am a photojournalist, a VIP, an Ambassador for the region I come from and the area I travel to. I represent the media, women, athletes, parents, teachers, artists, readers, travelers, students, and many others of this world. I, being one simple person, am able to make a difference by touching one life at a time. Who knew that a gal from the midwest could accomplish such a tremendous thing?

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