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Who is Lena Hunt?

Lena Hunt

Lena Hunt PR and Media Services

With a strong passion for creativity and balance of mind, body and spirit, Lena Hunt is one of the most versatile business professionals in the world who can promote you and what you do. You and your business are comprised of many components and factors. It’s often difficult to tell the world about who you are, what you do and what you wish to accomplish. Yet through her own personal life and work experiences and education, she is able to perfectly help you achieve your goals.
With varying degrees and work experience in what most would call “contradicting industries”:

Fine Arts

Business Administration

Health and Wellness


This entreprenuer has the creativity and logic to make sure that your passion is your profession by promoting you in the most attention-grabbing, informative way. Her ability to use both hemispheres of the brain and see all sides is found in all that she does. Lena has what it takes to help you achieve balance in your business and personal life through:


Writing Services

Marketing Services

Social Media Management


Video Productions

Events Production

Fashion Industry Expertise

Alternative Medicine, Remedies and Nutrition

Health and Fitness Professional


Benefit from Lena Hunt’s ability to think and work creatively and logically. Allow Lena and her team to help you find your focus and balance and then to tell the world about YOU and what you do!


“Lena, you’re too logical to be an artist” stated peers during her studies of Fine Arts.

“You’re too artsy fartsy,” stated fellow students in her Business Administration courses.

“Lena, you’re the most balanced person I know.” state many clients, coworkers and colleagues.

 October 9th, 2013  
 Lena Hunt  
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