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Use free social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn for marketing


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Allow Lena Hunt PR to be your Social Media Manager to handle your marketing and advertising needs using FREE networking sites. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, and more are free online marketing tools that are available to you. Yet who has the time to handle the ongoing active processes of social media marketing?  We have the time and the knowledge.

Lena Hunt of Lena Hunt PR and Celebritize You has the time to manage your social networking sites in a dynamic and active way which gets immediate results. Online marketing and social media sites allow for free advertising and interacting with your target audience and to network with people around the globe. We specialize in using social media to create the buzz, increase traffic, and gain conversions for your business, online business, and website.


YouTube is great for social networking and social media marketing


Use social networking sites and social media that are available to you free via the Internet in order to get publicity, marketing, communication, and direct and constant communication with visitors, target audience, clients and colleagues. Use social networking sites to network with professionals and people in all industries around the world or in your local area. Go global. Go social. Go affordable. Go social media with Lena Hunt, owner of Lena Hunt PR and Celebritize You.

Boasting a list of happy clients who use our services to handle all their social media accounts. For a list of referrals and clients, please contact Lena.

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 October 11th, 2011  
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