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Variety Studio – The Official Logo Designer and Graphic Artist

Variety Studio offers professional affordable logos

Variety Studio logo and graphics design

Lena Hunt PR is proud to announce Variety Studio as its Official Logo Designer and Graphic Artist. Variety Studio works closely with Lena Hunt PR to provide professional, attention-grabbing logos and graphic designs for the clients of Lena Hunt PR.

We know that our customers need great logos, graphic designs, and photo editing that will deliver their brand and yet is affordable. We understand that they want fast service without sacrificing quality. This is why we’ve chosen Kamila Petrasova of Variety Studio to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

Working side by side, as we develop your online presence, branding, website content, blogs, articles, and photographs, our collaboration with Variety Studio will insure that you get both the perfect look, design, and content that you need in order to effectively express who you are and what you do.

Outstanding logos and graphic designs at affordable prices can be accomplished through the collaboration of Lena Hunt PR and Variety Studio. We’re here to help you stand way above the competition and to reach your first and secondary market in order to gain conversion and income.

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Skype: lena9875

Learn more about Variety Studio and view the works of Variety Studio and Lena Hunt PR, as featured in Sky’s Angels Magazine (UK based).

Lena Hunt PR and Celebritize You logo by logo designer Variety Studio

Variety Studio and Lena Hunt PR featured in Sky's Angels Magazine

Logo by Variety Studio is in Sky's Angels Magazine UK

Variety Studio designs and logos in Sky's Angels Magazine

 May 5th, 2011  
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