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Turn your passion into your profession.

Why settle for clocking in and clocking out doing what you’re told to do and when to take coffee breaks and lunch breaks? Why work night and day only to long for some free time when you can play your guitar, travel the world, or tear apart that computer to see how it’s built? Why wait for some day to do what you really want to do? I had decided over ten years ago that seeing the world, taking shots of my trips, and writing about the great time that I spent with my family would be my profession. I gave myself a goal of six months. It happened in two. By submitting a short article that I had written about a recent trip to a Caribbean island, my article was published within the first week of submission and began a decade-long journey of making my passion of travel writing into my profession.

Now I have a full-time Consultant who guides me throughout my business endeavors to help me to continue on the the path of turning my passion into my profession. Regardless of the various business ventures that I come upon, Daniel Stoica insures that what I do professionally will always be done passionately. It’s a WORLD of difference when you have someone who makes it his passion to turn your passion into your profession.


 January 5th, 2011  
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