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The WRITE way to get your photographs the attention they deserve.

1222890_office_toolsWe spend so much time on our photography from loading up our equipment, getting to our destination, and editing the shots in order to get the attention of the ones who view our photos. And, yes, a picture does speak a million words BUT in the digital world, which is loaded with photos and videos bombarding us, how do we stand above the pile of pictures? By truly telling the stories with caption and a short blog or description.

A flowing stream in the mountains can be enhanced by telling the story of the brisk air, jumping fish, and how long it took to wait on just the right sunlight. An amazing castle photograph can speak even more with a history of the royal families who once dwelled within its halls. A simple flower picture is painted more graphically by giving the name of the flora and perhaps the meaning of the name. Also, if you’re going to put your photograph online, those words can drive your photos, blog site, and websites up the search engines. This is a win-win situation: to be user friendly and have search engine visibility.

 January 5th, 2011  
 Lena Hunt Photography  
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