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Lena Hunt’s Testimony as a Travel Correspondent and Photojournalist

DSC08082This may sound like a cliche but I think-no, I KNOW- that my entire life has been geared for the very moment that I became a published writer, author, and travel correspondent. From my love of writing and dreams of traveling back in my younger days on a small farm in the Midwest to my education in Business Administration, Fine Arts, and Sports Medicine, I am finally able to compile my entire life’s experiences into a life work that I absolutely LOVE!

This opportunity of a lifetime means more than traveling, writing, and photography. It’s about meeting people from various cultures, sharing what you know, and learning what they know. It’s about bridging the gap in the differences of this world. It’s about helping others and letting them help you.Not only have I been able to travel to dream locations but the connectivity that I have found are priceless! Rock climbing and sleeping on the desert floor of the surreal Joshua Tree National Park allowed me to overcome my fear of trusting others and giving up control as I depended on my belayer to get me down from heights I’d never imagine myself to climb. My greatest motivator was a senior citizen who was always the first one to try anything. I thought to myself as I watched her, if she could do it then I can do it. I would never have guessed that it was her first rock climbing experience also.Surfing in southern California the CORRECT way without getting bashed in the head and wiping out each time was quite an accomplishment. I’ve always dreamed of being a surfer girl. Never did I realize that my teenage dreams would come true long after my teen years were over and this was only made possible by learning from females and with females only. It was a much easier learning process. I’m realizing that it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams! Kayaking through the monstrous surf of San Diego was another amazing adventure! The crashing waves don’t seem so intimidating anymore. Suddenly, the fears I’ve faced as I deal with them head on aren’t so scary after all and having experienced locals teach you the ropes makes it even better.Watching the sparkle in my daughter’s eye as she sailed a boat for the first time and shared the sailor’s lingo with her private instructor was not only my wish come true but hers also!Hanging with celebrities in Palm Springs and having them share with me some of their fears and dreams as if I’m one of their old buddies from days gone by is beyond words.

Spending five weeks on my beloved Caribbean island (and eventually living there) was only possible through travel writing. Shedding the materialism and rat race stress of every day life, I was able to live as a true islander. To have no time restraints, laze under the shade of a coconut palm, and to focus only on the person and conversation at hand without my mind racing from one thing to the next. Complete and unindisturbed quality time and connectivity with another person. This is what living should be all about!

I have made friends from all corners of the world for a lifetime through my travels. From the dive instructor whose father was the teacher of Jacques Cousteau to the British Commander sent by the Queen on a diving expedition to Belize to world famous yoga masters, I could list them all and tell about each person and every experience but it would take more than a lifetime. I just know that what I have gained from being a photojournalist is worth more than all the riches in this world.

I started as a writer but now I am more than a writer. I am a photojournalist, a VIP, an Ambassador for the region I come from and the area I travel to. I represent the media, women, athletes, parents, teachers, artists, readers, travelers, students, and many others of this world. I, being one simple person, am able to make a difference by touching one life at a time. Who knew that a gal from the midwest could accomplish such a tremendous thing?

 January 5th, 2011  
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