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Google, Yahoo, and MSN have just laid off all their employees?!

Have these search engines decided that the visitors and users can do the job without any paid staff? Are they now encouraging the world to continue supporting their businesses by providing the content, images, videos, ads, and culture?

Have the major search engines really given their staff the boot? No!

But they do have their doors wide open, as always, for anyone to contribute by continuing to take part in the production and publishing. In other words, the success of the Internet is due to the participation of the users.

This has led to the new buzz word “social media”. The best way to describe social media is that it is the content that has been created by its audience, its society. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter are forms of social media as the content is created by their members. ¬†Although you may not work for the search engines or social media sites, you are helping to create their content and culture. How amazing and powerful is that? Wow!

So the next time you sit down and tweak your profile, post a blog, or add a comment think about the tremendous step that you are taking in expressing yourself to the world. It is indeed much bigger than your 140-character tweet!

 January 5th, 2011  
 Entrepeneurship, Social Media  
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