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A real life success story. A real life recommendation.


Many people ask me why I don’t write fiction. “Because all of life is a story,” is my answer. Without the actual experience, this recommendation could not have been written in the way that only real life can tell it. My recommendation of my Consultant Daniel Stoica:

“I’m so frustrated. I am working on an all-commission basis for two companies and I’m supporting this specific cause. I’m spending twelve hours per day, six days a week, and even a few hours on Sundays and getting nowhere! On top of that, sales are extremely low due to the economy yet the result of my work are obvious such as ads being placed in print and online magazines, banners are all over various sites, and back-end linking are being created but I’m not getting income because I’m on all commission.” I told Daniel Stoica. He could hear my frustration over the phone.

My new Consultant, Daniel created a word picture so that I could see my life’s scenario in my mind’s eye. “Okay, imagine three circles and each represents your various business endeavors. One is for this company. One stands for the other company. The last one stands for the cause where you donate your time and efforts. Each circle also has to do with luxury, or in other words, things that are more desired in a better economy. Now I’m drawing a big circle around the three smaller circles. This big circle represents Lena. You are working on all three yet none of them belong to you. You’re spending all this time without pay to build someone else’s business. Not only that,  you’re promoting things that aren’t really that needed right now.” Daniel told me quite honestly and I listened very intently.

He asked me what my passion is and said he already knew and had it written down. “My passion is writing, photography, creating artwork, designing and sewing, creative marketing. It is fitness and traveling.” I went on to describe the things I truly enjoy. “Those are parts or factors of your passion but what is your passion?”

I searched my heart. it took a few minutes because I kept coming up with favorite interests and hobbies. Then suddenly, it came to me although my gut instinct had been nudging my mind to pay attention. “OH! I know my passion! Whether I’m jogging on the beach or writing a magazine feature, I do everything with such creativity, I have to say that my passion is to be intensely creative.”

“Exactly!” my Consultant exclaimed. After that enlightening conversation, in a month’s time he helped me to revamp my love and experience for writing, photography, marketing, public relations, and people skills into a business that is mine and that will help others in a time when people are needing to network. Business networking is the new revolution as people turn to this form of connecting to find jobs and to reach their business goals.

thumb“Celebritize You,” said Daniel. And this is how CelebritizeYou.com and Lena’s working on something for Lena was born. I assist others in redoing their profiles and digital presence. I help them find the right words and use SEO web copy and writings to get the attention of their target audience (user friendly) and to climb the search engines (search engine visibility).

Celebritize You allows me to assist others in their success. By taking my passion (which I have been doing as a writer, photographer, and creative marketing expert) and creating a niche, the phone is ringing again and the e-mails are coming in.

Having Daniel Stoica as my full time Consultant has changed my work from a daily frustration to a daily joy of looking forward to helping others meet their goals as I meet mine. It makes all the difference in the world when my passion is my profession!

By Lena Hunt

 January 5th, 2011  
 Entrepeneurship, Lena Hunt Photography  
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