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Jobs are at an all-time decline. Business Networking is at an all-time rise.

newsTwo million in the USA lost their jobs since March 2009. This brings the total up to 5.1 million people having lost their jobs since the beginning of 2008, reports CNNMoney.com. This is the highest unemployment rate that the United States has seen in 25 years. The unemployment rate has climbed to a staggering 8.5%. The industries hit the hardest are manufacturing and construction. The amount of hours for the work week has also been cut in all industries. People have to turn to different methods in order to look for work, promote themselves, and their businesses, and to increase sales. This is one reason why networking has become so popular. Networking is not just for socializing anymore. By networking with others, one can reach his or her goals faster. There is only so much time and energy in which an individual has to accomplish things. Yet if he or she has a network of people with whom he or she can turn to, then much more can be accomplished. Business networking is seeing an enormous rise and the popularity of business networking sites have soared dramatically. Yet many still fail to understand networking. The biggest problem is that most people begin with a first impression –their profile — that is incomplete or even nonexistent. Having a profile that truly reveals the personable you and the professional you is the first impression that you send out to the world. This is the one chance that you have to get the world to take notice and to take action. So don’t blow it. Make that profile work for you! Don’t be shy to celebritize you. You do it all the time naturally. You did it when you landed your jobs before using your resume and/or phone calls and interviews. It’s not different online other than the fact that it is called a profile. Make that profile completely reveal who you truly are!

 December 5th, 2009  
 Entrepeneurship, Social Media  
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