Lena Hunt



Founded by sports medicine professional Lena Hunt, Lena Hunt Essential Oils Co. supplies quality essential oils that are handcrafted and completely natural to bring long lasting relief to clients of all health and age. Lena Hunt Essential Oils also work for pets and other animals.

After years of chronic joint pain, suffering from fibromyalgia, allergies, sleep loss and anxiety fitness director and sports medicine professional Lena Hunt focused her time and energy into researching natural healing remedies that are free of chemicals and harmful bi-products found in many prescribed and over the counter medications. Not only are essential oils better for your body, they are powerful, more affordable and when used properly are much safer than other medicines or pharmaceuticals. Each of our oils are hand-blended from the purest ingredients and can provide relief and healing to many common and not so common ailments in addition to a wide variety of household and everyday uses and applications.

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 May 20th, 2009